Monmouth County, NJ – Bari Kroll, Partner of Maltzman & Kroll Investigations (M&K Investigations) is the picture of suburban motherhood, with kids, a husband, a house and a dog to take care of. She’s also a fiercely dedicated and talented Private Investigator with a reputation for solving the cases she takes on and providing answers and closure to the questions that her clients could not have otherwise resolved without her. To them, she is a hero, the one who gave them the truth when no other could or would.  Along with partner, Brandon Maltzman, these two PI’s from M&K Investigations will continue their quest for the truth on behalf of individuals, families, insurance companies and corporations as they have for the past two years together. 
With the same passion and energy that Bari puts into taking care of her own family, she relentlessly pursues the truths that her clients seek, from cheating spouse to family member protection. “Proving that someone’s spouse is cheating or some family member’s future spouse is not who they say they are is a double-edged sword. It’s heartbreaking to have to explain to someone those truths and share the evidence that I have collected during the investigation. What’s even more difficult is proving that there is actually nothing going on, which is usually harder for a client to accept than if I had found evidence to support their suspicions”, explains Kroll. “The trend I am finding in the private investigation industry is with family members hiring my partner and myself to protect other family members.  Brothers investigating sister’s future husbands, mothers investigating adult children’s whereabouts and divorcees investigating their ex-spouses future or current spouse for the protection of their children.” 

As a mother, sister, spouse and daughter, Bari connects with her clients on a very personal level. “The psychological aspect of the case’s outcome along with the actual surveillance and investigation phase of a job is what draws me to this type of work”, Kroll continues. In this age of internet exposure, social media and what people view as anonymity online, the need for private investigation has grown in leaps and bounds. “No one is who they say they are online and it leads to situations that can only be resolved through drastic measures. If someone calls me to investigate a situation, usually the first place I go to research the people involved is the internet and the social sites which are more often at the center of the case”, Kroll explains. After making a name for her-self in the PI industry, Bari was able to form a partnership and company with long-time friend Brandon Maltzman, who is an exceptional investigator in his own right. His abilities in surveillance and technology are cutting edge, in part because of his firm belief in continuing education in his field. According to Maltzman, “Having the benefit of a female investigator as a partner has opened up our field to unlimited possibilities from a surveillance standpoint. In addition, Bari’s gift to connect with our private clients has allowed me the ability to focus more on our corporate and insurance clients. My specialties lie in the areas of insurance fraud, worker’s compensation, employee theft and medical malpractice, which are only increasing in today’s economic climate.” 
In addition to the private sector work that M&K Investigation provides, the company is heavily involved in corporate investigations as well. From background checks for future employees to corporate fraud and employee theft, M&K Investigations provides exceptional investigative services to lawyers, insurance companies and private corporations. Brandon and Bari offer hands-on personalized service and client contact. With specialties in asset recovery, real property and vehicle search, as well as background investigations, skip traces and missing persons’ cases, M&K Investigations’ nineteen-plus years of combined experience gives them the ability to utilize the latest techniques in surveillance and equipment, while applying more traditional and innovative methods of investigation as required. For more information, or to reach M&K Investigations, visit their website at www.mkinvestigations.com or call them at 732-365-1309.

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Marketing trends are always changing and the way we marketed and sold our products and services five or ten years ago is far different than marketing today.  Marketing was simple and direct back then.  And it was measurable.  We knew exactly where our customers came from and what papers, signs and direct mail pieces worked.  Today, everything about the way we market has changed.

These days there is so much to consider.  The internet has spurred a very complex whirlwind of advertising, pay-per-click ads, websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media and inbound marketing that begs the question of what works, how effective it is and how to measure the results.  If you are asking yourself these questions, you are not alone.  Many of our clients are struggling to understand the new way of marketing and how they can use it cost effectively to drive traffic to their businesses and then determine what worked and what didn’t.   While there are varying opinions about the effectiveness of internet marketing and social media on the bottom line of a business.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

#1 – If you are not participating in some form of internet advertising you are not even in the game.  Period.  End of story.  Your credibility in this century starts on the internet.  If your customers can Google you and find a website, you are a real company with a real product and/or service. 

#2 – If you build it they will come, right?  Wrong.  If you build a website you must promote it through various Internet and non-Internet media.  All of your print, direct mail, signs and other marketing collateral should drive traffic to your website.  Once your potential customers get to your website there should be several compelling elements to keep them there and make contact with you.  First, the homepage should clearly state who you are, what you do and what you will do for your customer.  Second, there should be a call to action on each page – something that will make your customer want to sign up and give you their information.  It could be something for free, a contest, a giveaway or anything that you want to offer them in exchange for their information.  Third, your content should be less copy heavy and more photo and graphics oriented.  It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

#3 – Maintenance of your website is a must.  Once your website is up and live, you will need to maintain it, track it and link it to other internet marketing such as social media sites, other websites, online PR, blogs, video or internet advertising.  The more links you have, the better your SEO will be.  In addition, the coding of your website is ultra-important and the content should include keywords for search engines to pick up on including meta-tags, meta-phrases and meta-titles.  Again, there are many different things you can do and you may need to try different things and experiment until you find the combination that works to your satisfaction.  There are many free on-line resources that you can take advantage of, such as Google Analytics, where you can register your website and receive statistics and data about the performance of your site.  Your website will take some time and commitment to maintain and enhance, but the more time you invest, the better your outcome will be.

My marketing belief is that you should not put all of your eggs in one basket.  Diversification is a term that has been prevalent since the economic downturn and continues to play a major role as we continue our upswing and recovery.  Your marketing program should include multiple styles and types of contact with your customers.  In addition to your website and on-line strategy you should continue to utilize traditional marketing methods such as direct mail, print advertising, hand-written notes and good old-fashioned follow-up phone calls as part of an overall effective marketing program.  For more details on how you can combine the new marketing you’re your traditional marketing, call 20 Twenty Graphics at 732-578-8499.

April was a busy month for all of us in the new home building industry, with the Atlantic Builders Convention in Atlantic City and the SAM Awards event that kicked it all off, we seemed to have hit the ground running and haven’t stopped since.  As Chairperson of the SAM Committee, planning an event of that nature takes time, patience and plenty of help.  As part of the package I get to address the over 400 attendees of the SAM Awards (see photo below) with a welcome message and I get to thank all of our sponsors, judges and attendees. 

The night was fantastic and I want to congratulate all of the winners and participants on their awards and recognition.   Earlier that day I was awarded the Associate of the Quarter Award for the 1st Quarter of 2010 by the NJBA at the Board of Directors Meeting.  As most of you know I am a “fly under the radar kind of girl” and being recognized at the state level for my Association work was such an honor.  I truly appreciated it.

One of the things that I realized while at the convention is that there is great power in word of mouth referrals.  While advertising, direct mail and traditional marketing of your company’s products and services is necessary, especially now, referrals are a powerful source of sales for most businesses and what you need to do to receive those referrals is sometimes not apparent when you are spending your time doing everything else.  Here are a few ways to maximize your referral business while maintaining great relationships with your current customers.   

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Stephanie Shaffery, Owner, 20 Twenty Graphics

Do you have a customer that is pleased with your work and gives you repeat business?  The next time you complete a project for them you need to ask them if they are happy with the products and services that you provided and then ask them for five referrals that they think would benefit from your company’s services.  Make sure they give you the names and contact information.  Then you can contact these new referrals and tell them how much your original customer has benefitted by using your product or service.  Where else can you get five new potential clients for free!!!  Just ask the question and you might be surprised by the answer.

Make it a habit of asking for a referral.  Part of your standard client meeting or presentation should always be to mention or inquire about referrals.  If asking for referrals becomes a standard part of your meeting repertoire it will become second nature.  Bring it up at a time during the meeting when the client will be open to providing you with referrals.  Learn to do this and you could increase your contacts by significant numbers.  Also, when working with new customers, you can make sure they know you will expect referrals up front by preparing them with a simple statement like, “If I do a great job for you on this project, which I will, you will provide me with five referrals.”  This statement can solidify for your client that they chose well in doing business with you and they will be happy to refer you to others.

Did you ever hear the phrase “Pay It Forward”?  It’s not just a movie with Helen Hunt.  This is a real concept that many people have experienced.  By giving referrals you will also get referrals.  It’s simple to provide referrals to a colleague that you are doing business with and in return they can provide you with referrals for those seeking your products or services.  It’s a very basic form of networking and can be very effective in generating referral leads.

No matter which method of referral lead generation works for you there are a couple of basic things you must always do when receiving referrals.  Always thank the person doing the referring.  Whether you do it in person or with a personal thank you note (or both), they will be more willing to continue to refer if they feel you appreciate their effort.  Also, always deliver on your promises to your clients, customers and colleagues.  By doing what you say you are going to do – every time – you are solidifying your referral network and you will continue to be successful as a result.

The power of the word is very strong.  If you learn to harness that power and use it (not abuse it!) you will most definitely experience more solid relationships with your existing customers and be able to build foundations with new ones as a result. Contact 20 Twenty Graphics today at 732.578.8499 for more compelling and cost effective sales and marketing tips and strategies. 

20 Twenty Graphics is now offering a New Busines Start Up Package and Existing Business Makeover Package for those who have seen opportunity in this newly emerging economy.  According to Stephanie Shaffery, Owner of 20 Twenty Graphics, “Many of our business partners and contacts have lost their jobs due to downsizing in the past two years.  Many of them have the opportunity and the means to start their own companies and a lot of them are doing it.  As a response to the overwhelming demand, we are currently offering marketing packages for new business start ups to help them launch their corporate identity.”  

The package includes a one hour consultation, logo design, stationary design including a business card and a basic website.  “Our New Business Start-Up Package contains everything an entrepreneur needs to be well on their way to a successful venture,” Shaffery continues.  In addition to New Business Start-Up Packages, 20 Twenty Graphics is offering existing businesses a chance to update their image with their exclusive Existing Business Makeover.  This product will offer existing businesses the same one hour consultation, a logo redesign, new stationary package design with a business card and an existing website makeover.  In the past, too many companies did not have to pay attention to their marketing, as sales and customers were plentiful.  Now the time has come to put your best foot forward by updating your brand image.  

While it’s difficult to see opportunity through a haze of mediocre media press of the current economy, however, this is the perfect time for savvy entrepreneurs to start a business.  It’s also the perfect time for business owners who haven’t updated their look or marketing plans to revamp.  It’s only a matter of time before the recovery starts to take shape, and the current signs are all pointing in that direction.  The companies who have the foresight to prepare ahead of time will come out on top.  

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to give your company a makeover, or start your new venture with a professionally designed identity and website.  In addition to corporate branding and graphics, 20 Twenty Graphics designs various signs, sales environments and also helps their clients with advertising and eMarketing services.  For more information about 20 Twenty Graphics please visit their website http://www.20twentygraphics.com/  

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