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Every company has a different formula for marketing their products and services to their customers.  But not every company can measure the results of that marketing and not every company truly knows how much they are actually spending for each sale.  In addition, the marketing game has changed dramatically over the past five years and many of my clients are wondering what to do next.  Just when you are up on Facebook the experts start talking about Twitter and just when you’ve got everything “under control” you realize that there are pieces missing from your marketing puzzle.  You updated your website and added tons of keywords to the home page copy and now you are being told that keywords don’t have anything to do with SEO.  Then you read that SEO doesn’t matter, or does it?  Then, the formats change and you are back at square one. So – what’s a marketing director to do?

This month’s eNewsletter goes out to all those who, like everyone else, are trying to keep up with the latest marketing trends, but find that trends are changing more rapidly than we can keep up with.  How do you sort through all the stuff the “experts” are telling you and figure out what works for you?

First, let’s talk about your website, which should be the hub of all your marketing.  Always make sure your website is current, with content and photos being updated regularly.  My recommendation – check your website quarterly.  Add the exciting news, awards and new product and service offerings regularly.  By constantly updating your website, the content is fresh and that will help with SEO as well as your bounce rate.  Viewers will tend to stay for a longer amount of time and peruse more pages if your content is new and compelling.  They may also contact you or sign up for your free offerings, which is direct lead generation.  This is one critical key to your marketing success.

Once you are on a schedule with your website, consider your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. Make sure that you are posting regularly and that you are responding to posts by your fans.  The whole purpose of Twitter and Facebook are to create and maintain personal relationships with your customers.  If they are posting and you are not responding, there is no interaction, which is counterproductive.  Tweet about the latest news in your industry or post an interesting article to your Facebook fan page and track your fan’s reactions.  It only takes a few minutes every day and this will support and supplement all of your other marketing activities.

Blogging is another way to stay in touch and create a fan base of people who are interested in your company, products and services.  Tie your blog in to your website, Facebook & Twitter accounts.  There are many online services that are free that you can use as a blog.  My favorite is WordPress.  If you are providing your email list with a monthly eNewsletter, make sure you post your article to your blog as well as other correspondence and information.  Again, a few minutes every couple of days should be enough to keep a well updated blog.

LinkedIn is another social media marketing tool which is geared more toward business professionals.  Make sure your profile is up to date, that you are connecting with people in your industry and that you are participating in groups and discussions.  By providing professional advice, answering questions to other members and joining different groups you can be exactly where your customers are, positioning yourself as the expert in your field.  LinkedIn also lets you tie other social media sites to your profile so that all updates to those (like WordPress & Twitter) show up on your LinkedIn profile.  15 minutes a week should be the minimum time necessary to keep you at the top of your game.

All of this social media and online marketing is making me tired!  What about more traditional marketing methods? I’m a huge believer in supplementing and blending your online marketing with more traditional methods to create a winning combination.  For instance, if you are planning a special promotion or event, utilizing online marketing and social media including email marketing will spread the word fast. Sending out hardcopy information and advertising your event in local or trade publications will provide coverage for those clients who do not utilize online methods and remind those that are seeing you on line.  By combining online and traditional marketing methods you are covering all of your bases and adding very little cost, as most of your online marketing is of little or no cost at all other than your time.

Finding your key to marketing success will take some time, effort and experimentation, but the process is worth the results.  Watching your website rankings climb in the organic searches as you create invaluable links from your website to the various online and social media outlets you are utilizing will show you exactly why social media and online marketing is critical to your overall marketing plan.  Running the various marketing reports that are available from your online sources and seeing how much of your website traffic is coming from Facebook or checking an email campaign report to see how many of your list members opened it and tracking how many of those customers have called to place an order or inquire about your event will make the effort well worth it.  

If you are still not sure and need some help figuring out your key to marketing success, 20 Twenty Graphics is here to help you, just give us a call and we’ll be glad to give you a key.


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