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Monmouth County, NJ – Bari Kroll, Partner of Maltzman & Kroll Investigations (M&K Investigations) is the picture of suburban motherhood, with kids, a husband, a house and a dog to take care of. She’s also a fiercely dedicated and talented Private Investigator with a reputation for solving the cases she takes on and providing answers and closure to the questions that her clients could not have otherwise resolved without her. To them, she is a hero, the one who gave them the truth when no other could or would.  Along with partner, Brandon Maltzman, these two PI’s from M&K Investigations will continue their quest for the truth on behalf of individuals, families, insurance companies and corporations as they have for the past two years together. 
With the same passion and energy that Bari puts into taking care of her own family, she relentlessly pursues the truths that her clients seek, from cheating spouse to family member protection. “Proving that someone’s spouse is cheating or some family member’s future spouse is not who they say they are is a double-edged sword. It’s heartbreaking to have to explain to someone those truths and share the evidence that I have collected during the investigation. What’s even more difficult is proving that there is actually nothing going on, which is usually harder for a client to accept than if I had found evidence to support their suspicions”, explains Kroll. “The trend I am finding in the private investigation industry is with family members hiring my partner and myself to protect other family members.  Brothers investigating sister’s future husbands, mothers investigating adult children’s whereabouts and divorcees investigating their ex-spouses future or current spouse for the protection of their children.” 

As a mother, sister, spouse and daughter, Bari connects with her clients on a very personal level. “The psychological aspect of the case’s outcome along with the actual surveillance and investigation phase of a job is what draws me to this type of work”, Kroll continues. In this age of internet exposure, social media and what people view as anonymity online, the need for private investigation has grown in leaps and bounds. “No one is who they say they are online and it leads to situations that can only be resolved through drastic measures. If someone calls me to investigate a situation, usually the first place I go to research the people involved is the internet and the social sites which are more often at the center of the case”, Kroll explains. After making a name for her-self in the PI industry, Bari was able to form a partnership and company with long-time friend Brandon Maltzman, who is an exceptional investigator in his own right. His abilities in surveillance and technology are cutting edge, in part because of his firm belief in continuing education in his field. According to Maltzman, “Having the benefit of a female investigator as a partner has opened up our field to unlimited possibilities from a surveillance standpoint. In addition, Bari’s gift to connect with our private clients has allowed me the ability to focus more on our corporate and insurance clients. My specialties lie in the areas of insurance fraud, worker’s compensation, employee theft and medical malpractice, which are only increasing in today’s economic climate.” 
In addition to the private sector work that M&K Investigation provides, the company is heavily involved in corporate investigations as well. From background checks for future employees to corporate fraud and employee theft, M&K Investigations provides exceptional investigative services to lawyers, insurance companies and private corporations. Brandon and Bari offer hands-on personalized service and client contact. With specialties in asset recovery, real property and vehicle search, as well as background investigations, skip traces and missing persons’ cases, M&K Investigations’ nineteen-plus years of combined experience gives them the ability to utilize the latest techniques in surveillance and equipment, while applying more traditional and innovative methods of investigation as required. For more information, or to reach M&K Investigations, visit their website at www.mkinvestigations.com or call them at 732-365-1309.

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