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BEE Spring Ready!


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It’s been snowing.  And snowing.  And snowing to the point where I think even our kids are done with it.  So, what’s a business professional to do?  Think Spring!  Yes, even with the snow remaining and the weather forecast calling for more dismal weather we can begin to look toward the warm sunshine and longer days.  What better way to beat the winter blues than to focus your energy on preparing for the 2010 Spring Market!  There are tons of ways to map out your strategy so that when the weather clears you are prepared for the new, fresh customers that Spring will surely bring your way.  Read on for five of our favorites… Focused on Your Success,

 Stephanie Shaffery
 Owner, 20 Twenty Graphics 

First, be ready to expose yourself!  Ok, that’s not exactly what I meant, but it is what I mean.  By planning your advertising and PR strategy now, you can research special sections in the paper or online publications that will offer the most exposure for your advertising dollars.  Spend some time now determining where your customers have traditionally been coming from and then focus your efforts in that direction.  There are many cost-effective avenues to gaining top exposure, particularly on the internet with PR, social media and email blasts.  It is a time investment, but planning your exposure now will help you to implement your plan in the near future, which can have big payoffs when Spring finally arrives.  The more exposure you plan for the better your chances are of getting the word out to your customers.  Don’t wait to make your move!

Second, I’m a big believer in cleaning house and organizing to refresh and renew your surroundings.  Take a good look around at your surroundings.  Are your door mats full of salt and ice melt?  Does it trail into the office too?  Are there piles of unidentified paperwork and boxes full of “stuff” lying around?  Are all your pens chewed or missing caps?  Are the brochures in the holders bending over and are the corners dog-earred?  What about the approach to your office?  Are your signs faded and leaning?  Is there trash and debris leading your customers to your front door?  These are things that are easy to remedy and make a huge difference.  Be sure to view your surroundings and the approach to your office as if you are arriving for the first time and assess the impression that you are giving your customers.  If it’s not the impression you think it is, try some spring cleaning and get refreshed!

My third favorite Spring Market Survival tip is to have a plan & stay focused.  This is tied in to the first tip, but can encompass so many things other than just the exposure you need for success.  Creating a plan means that you will map out the path you are going to take from where you are now to where you want to be at the end of the spring selling season. Most of us can say that at the end of the spring selling season we want to have generated a certain amount of sales revenue.  So – ask yourself, “What do I need to do now to accomplish my goals.”  Once you determine your path, stay focused and stick to the plan.  It could be as easy as determining your goal to sell 6 homes (or service packages, computers or whatever your product or service is) and I will need to contact 10 previous visitors every day, run a limited time special, send out a notice of the special and host a small event on site to accomplish that goal.  Roll up your sleeves, get into the details and stay focused.  Complete each task in its entirety and you are sure to see the results of your hard work.  The secret is to make a plan and stick to it! 

The fourth secret to your success is having the proper supplies and tools to carry out your plan.  If your plan includes running a limited time special and you want to drop off flyers at local businesses or residential communities, be sure that you are designing and printing a professional piece without typos.  There are plenty of places to get quality design and production for any type of marketing collateral.  Trust me on this one – leave the design work to the professionals, as your time is best spent following up on leads and delegating this will free you up to continue your sales pace.  Other types of supplies can be signs to direct your customers into your place of business, decorative flags, a quality brochure for those who arrive and are looking for a “takeaway” and a direct mail piece.   One of the most important tools for your success will be your website.  Without a website you lack the credibility that today’s buyers are looking for.  The first place a potential customer will go for more information on your company is your website.  It acts as your portfolio and can be your best presentation tool for customers who visit or call you.  Make sure your website is updated regularly and contains compelling information to excite site visitors.  Do not overlook the tools and supplies needed to carry out your plan – check your toolbox today!

Last, but not least, number five is the one thing that will turn your maybe’s into yes’s – FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP!  When I was selling new homes my manager would always tell me, “Follow up with your prospects until they BUY or DIE!”  Sounds a little harsh, but it is effective.  You need to give your prospect every opportunity to become a paying customer and when you call or contact them with updates, special promotions or other types of information they will appreciate the gesture and may just become your next buyer.  Trust me – your competition is doing it and they are succeeding.  Never underestimate the power of the Follow Up!   

There are tons of ways to prepare for the spring selling season and these are just a few of our favorites.  20 Twenty Graphics has provided our clients with smart, yet cost effective marketing programs that are customized to enhance and reflect your business.  Let us help you map out your strategy – make your move today!

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