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Make the Move

This edition of the Focus Connection will speak to those who have been waiting for something to happen.  We’re all waiting for the magical day when we will wake up, crawl out of bed, open the blinds, see the sun streaming in through the curtains and step out into a world that’s brighter and happier than the one we currently know.  We’re all hoping that when we do wake up, it’ll all just be a dream and everything will go back to “normal”.  I’ve recently had the opportunity to take a long, hard look at things and have realized that this is “normal”.  I know – not what you wanted to hear, but there is good news in all of this.  The good news is that although the world has changed and people have come and people have gone, you are still you!  You still possess all the knowledge, experience and know-how that you had before.  You still have all those characteristics that made you successful!  What to do now?  Do what many of our clients are doing – Make the Move!Focused on Your Success, 
Stephanie Shaffery, Owner, 20 Twenty Graphics Making the move is something that will be different to each person, each company and each of our clients.  Some will make the move to a different career.  Some will make the move to a different state.  Some will make the move to ensuring their success in the future.  Let me outline the top five ways to ensure your success in the New Year: 

 1.       If you do the same thing you’ve always done, you will always get the same result.  Let’s face the facts that this is harsh, but true.  If you are looking for a different ending to your story, you have to go outside your comfort zone, take some chances and try something new or different.  We’ve all been doing the same thing we’ve always done and what we’ve always done doesn’t work in this new economy.  Take a good look at how you have been marketing yourself and your company and figure out if your message is up to date and fresh.  You will be amazed at how one small change can make a positive impact on the overall picture.  Get some opinions and then make the move to do it differently.

2.      Participate in different forums and meet new people.  Yes, it’s hard to “start over”, but don’t keep the negative connotation in your head.  Think of it as an adventurous way of meeting new people and making new contacts.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes and the results will be surprising.  Join a new networking group, association or chamber of commerce and participate!  You will not only increase your contact base, but by challenging yourself to join new groups you will grow.  Make the move to meet new people and market yourself and your company to new faces, you will be welcomed with open arms.

3.      Make friends with technology.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – time wasters!  Not!  If you think that these social media outlets are a waste of your time, think again!  If used in conjunction with a strong marketing program and integration of your website, blog or other internet vehicle you will reap the benefits of virtually free networking with professionals all over the country and world.  Connecting with professionals on social media sites opens a world of free advice and opportunities for those that are willing to invest some time to be a part of it.   When you participate in social media, you will make the move to utilizing one of the strongest marketing vehicles that has not yet even begun to reach its true potential.

4.      Don’t discount potential business because of preconceived ideas.  My office is located on a major highway, which invites numerous amounts of “solicitors” on a weekly basis.  In the beginning, I would dismiss each and every one with disdain and dislike.  How dare they interrupt my day and try to sell me something.  I even put up a big sign “Absolutely No Soliciting!” (which did not help, by the way)  Then, I had a thought.  Each and every person that walks into my office (even if it’s to sell me something that I don’t need) is a potential client.  By changing my preconceived idea of the solicitors, I opened a whole new base to generate sales revenue.  Now when someone comes in to sell me something, I politely listen to their speech and then find a way to interject how they could use my marketing services and I turn it around to focus on how I am going to help them make more sales.  I get a business card and add them to my list as a thank you for stopping in.  You never know who will be your next client or customer, so make the move to treat everyone you come in contact with as a potential sale and you will increase your sales exponentially. 

5.      Market yourself and your company as if your life depended on it.  Because it does.  Consider your marketing budget and plan very carefully and choose programs that are cost effective, offering the most exposure for the least amount of money.   Vary your efforts and work with companies that are willing to be flexible to fit your needs and budget so that the program is results-oriented.  Results of any marketing program are definitely measureable and be sure that once you spend the money on marketing you are following up with every lead and tracking where your traffic and sales came from. This is critical to future planning.  You don’t have to spend tons of money on marketing, but you should spend plenty of time planning and properly implementing your marketing so that you can be sure you are getting every opportunity for every dollar you do spend. Don’t be tempted to wait for your good fortune to show up – call 20 Twenty Graphics today to help you make the move.  If you continue to wait for something to happen, you will be waiting through a time of great opportunity.  Make your move today!


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